Who We Are

We believe in care beyond just “access”.

We’re developing new care models for patients with unmet needs by using novel treatments and by bringing together patients, clinicians, researchers and medical innovators.

We have seen over 5000 patients with over 40 clinical indications for patients between the ages of 2-96 years. 

Emerald Clinics

Improving care for patients with unmet needs.

Our clinician-led care teams provide personalised, evidence-generating care for patients with unmet needs.  We monitor and evaluate promising new treatments, in the real world, while generating unique insights that help us provide individualised care. We treat more than 44 different debilitating and costly health concerns, including mental health, chronic pain, addiction, neurodegenerative, gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal conditions. 

Where We Are

We operate a network of clinics across Australia.

Emerald Clinics are staffed and managed by medical practitioners (Specialists and General Practitioners). We operate 7 clinical sites around Australia. Patient appointments can be made in clinic or via Telehealth once a referral is received.

Patient Care

We are scientific in our approach to understanding peoples’ clinical experiences and outcomes in the context of real life.

Our Mission

To dive deeper into each patient’s case, especially patients who have run out of options. 

Our Care Team

Emerald’s world-class data systems are bringing better treatments and care, to more people.

The Emerald Clinics Research Model

Where care meets data